It’s been strange living through a pandemic. We’re all glad to see things slowly return to normal.

Before working with you on any projects, I do have some COVID secure rules. These are mutual, two way rules out of shared respect and care for each other.

  1. If you have symptoms of COVID 19, please cancel the shoot. I am of course more than happy to reschedule once you’re better. But while you have symptoms, even with negative tests, please do not attend.
  2. Provide proof of COVID status. This means having 2 doses of the vaccine (with the second dose being at least a fortnight ago), a negative PCR or lateral flow test within 48 hours previous or having had a positive PCR test with the last 180 days but clear of the 10 day isolation period (and please bear in mind rule 1 about symptoms).
  3. In any form of photography, masks are difficult to work with. I appreciate they’re uncomfortable, can’t be worn in photos and can smudge makeup. They are not mandatory. If you would feel better with me being masked, drop me a message and I am 100% happy to mask up.
  4. Please bring hand sanitizer. Antibacterial wipes/spray is encouraged as well.
  5. Finally, if any of this isn’t possible for you due to health or religious reasons, please do get in contact so we can discuss safe ways of working together. If you simply don’t want to be vaccinated or test, then I regret to inform you that I am not the right photographer for your needs.

Stay safe everyone.