About Me

As a child, I was taught a little bit about photography and photo editing by my mother. While about half of what she taught me turned out to be false, it did spark a long running love of photography as a means of stopping a moment in time to keep forever.

At age 16, I started at college studying photography at A-Level. I used a lot of music photography in my research for my coursework and even recreated some of my favourite album covers (obtaining full marks for that collection). I got my first go with studio photography and even organised, set up and ran the photo booth for the college Christmas party. I also photographed my first music festival (from behind the barrier of course).

Since college, I did a lot of hobbyist photography. After leaving a job that made me miserable, I decided I needed something more fulfilling to do with my life. I had an all-nighter planning the start of Sophie Elizabeth Photography and took my camera to my friend’s engagement party the next day in hopes of getting some practice in. The reactions of the happy couple, their family and their friends was motivation to carry on and know I’d made the right decision.

Since then, I’ve done some head shots for actors, shot a music festival (this time from the photo pit with a fancy pass hanging from my neck) and done some small gigs for bands. It’s been incredible so far. I’ve learned a lot (and continue to do so with every job I do), found new music, new friends and become a lot happier in myself.

So welcome to my website, my love and my life.